The original Lienz gingerbread has a long tradition. Originating in monasteries, these aromatic cakes soon made their way into medieval bakeries. One of these was the Bruck Castle bakery where arguably the finest gingerbread experienced a revival.

The bakers and pastry cooks of Lienz “rediscovered” this old art of gingerbread making in 2006. In keeping with the traditional method of production finest spices and herbs such as cinnamon, cloves, nutmeg, aniseed, ginger, fennel and coriander contribute to the refined taste of the new Lienz gingerbread. The handmade gingerbread is filled with Tyrolean cranberries. The logo on top is made of exquisite marzipan – Original Lienzer Lebzelt 1644®.

The Original Lienzer Lebzelt 1644® comes gift wrapped complete with expiry date seal and certificate of provenance.

The handmade Lienz gingerbread is available in three sizes, 25x25cm, 13x13cm and 7,5x7,5cm. It can be purchased exclusively from the following bakers and confectioners:

Bäckerei Gruber
Werner Gruber
Maximilianstraße 18
9900 Lienz
Tel.: 62776
E-mail: info@gruberbrot.at

Konditorei Glanzl
Gerhard Glanzl GmbH
Hauptplatz 13
9900 Lienz
Tel.: 62073
E-mail: mail@Konditorei-Glanzl.at

Meisterbäckerei Joast
Ernst Joast
Bürgeraustraße 20
9900 Lienz
Tel.: 64525
E-mail: office@joast.at